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The practices applied in the "BlueHarvest" approach help maintain and improve cacao cultivation. In agroforestry systems that generate beneficial impacts on landscape restoration, improve soil health and contribute to water recharge, while positively effecting the economy of farmers and other actors that influence the cacao value chain.


Hectacres of agroforestry systems with cacao have been restored.


Producers implement water smart agriculture (WSA) practices.


Kilograms of Blue Harvest Cacao exported.

Responsible practices and the efficient use of natural resources enhance soil nutrition on cacao plantations, allowing for improved water infiltration, transforming water into a regenerative resource for producers and their families.

The Blue Harvest concept motivates cacao farmers by generating demonstrable benefits in ecosystems and improving family income.

Cacao and chocolate consumers recognize the value of Blue Harvest. In 2022, Salvadoran producers exported more than 12 metric tons of cacao recognized not only for the farm of origin but also for the Blue Harvest practices implemented practices that generate environmental and social impact.

Blue Harvest is not just important working model for individual cacao producers, it is also a high-impact strategy for the restoration of agricultural landscapes by way of agroforestry systems. Water resources are managed in coordination with local governments that seek to strengthen their policies aimed at great benefit to their communities.

The application of the Blue Harvest model in cacao cultivation will allow, in the medium and longterm, a greater recognition of good practices—a recognition that will ultimately be reflected in the price buyers are willing to pay. This premium price will, in turn, motivate farmers to continue implementing the Blue Harvest practices.

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Blue Harvest is a concept supporting cacao and coffee producers who comply with agricultural practices applied in farm management, guaranteeing efficient use of water, improving soil health, and restoring Salvadorian agricultural landscapes.


The use of this concept seal allows buyers to recognize the contribution of agroforestry systems with cacao to the restoration of natural resources and revitalization of rural economies in El Salvador. The economy of cacao farmers improves substantially by selling their production at higher prices on the international market.

Environmental Impact

Cacao Agroforestry Systems improve soil health, which is monitored every year through organic matter increments in the soil, better water infiltration capacity, and soil fertility.

Social Development

Blue Harvest works with local Water Management Committees working to conserve and protect the watersheds that source of water to communities.

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Practical Application of Blue Harvest in Cacao Farming

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