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Blue Harvest's primary mission is to build enduring partnerships between farmers and other supply chain actors to support and expand good farming practices that protect and restore water resources. Blue Harvest facilitates these relationships through technical support, training, information sharing, reporting, and brokering.

what we do

Partnerships are built on trust, transparency, and commitments that hold over time.

Blue Harvest cultivates relationships between farmers and buyers - and other actors across value chains - and helps build confidence amongst the partners. The goal is to reduce uncertainty, build transparency in transactions, and build trust for long-term partnerships.

Blue Harvest is committed to creating shared value for all partners across the value chain, primarily farmers and farmworkers, as well as millers, importers, wholesalers and retailers. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that regenerative farming is viable and profitable for all those involved.  Blue Harvest partners provide objective and rigorous monitoring tools and analysis so that buyers have confidence that the crops they buy deliver the environmental and social impacts they expect.

Salvadoran coffee farmers in processing factory with a fresh burlap sack of coffee

“To protect our crops, our livelihood and our future, we need to save and protect our soil and water.”

- Ricardo Arturo Díaz, ASA farmer, Jujutla, El Salvador

who we are

Blue Harvest is a partnership of diverse actors with a shared mission to protect and restore water resources through regenerative farming and sustainable post-harvest practices. Blue Harvest partners include farmers, farm cooperatives, coffee roasters and retailers, chocolate producers, grain mills, NGOs, donors, and more. Below are a few prominent partners who participate in, and support, Blue Harvest.

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