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Water and natural resources

New Brand and Website for our 10th Anniversary

Paul Hicks
March 29, 2023
Key Insight

Welcome to Blue Harvest's new website, launched for our 10th Anniversary!

Today we announce the launch of our new and improved website for Blue Harvest.

Blue Harvest was launched at the SCAA EXPO in 2013, where we began exploring how coffee production and processing impacts on water resources.

In 2014 we launched Blue Harvest as a project with this blog post, when  Keurig Green Mountain (now Keurig Dr. Pepper, KDP) funde our first activities, which were then amplified with funds from the Inter-American Development Bank (BID Lab) SAFE Platform in 2015.

CRS and our partners have promoted Blue Harvest continuously through many iterations, with consistent funding from KDP and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation (HGBF), plus CRS’ private donors and others. Over time it has evolved and expanded to include farmers and mills across Central America plus coffee importers and roasters from many parts of the world.

We started a process of rebranding Blue Harvest during the peak of the pandemic, when we had some time to ask our partners from across the coffee industry how Blue Harvest could be more effective in promoting water stewardship in coffee producing countries. That consultation led us to recognize the value of Blue Harvest as a partnership – beyond seeing it only as a project – a sort of platform that forges and supports partnerships for water stewardship, enabling partners to be creative and collaborative.

Through this consultation, we came to more clearly define Blue Harvest’s mission to:

Promote regenerative farming to restore and protect water resources

This learning and listening process was led by our partner Hitch Media Group, an extraordinary design and brand company who embraced Blue Harvest as a partner from the moment we reached out to them. Hitch developed our new logo and tagline: #KnowYourSource

The new logo reflects the flow of the Blue Harvest strategy, connecting the water and the crops, highlighting how all things are connected.

The Blue Harvest site features a blog, called “The Source” which features all Coffeelands posts related to water resources plus original content from our partners. Coffeelands and The Source will cross-post blog entries on themes that are relevant to both sites, and we will do our best to keep both blogs active and interesting.

Thank you to all our partners who continue to grow with us in Blue Harvest.